Dead birds

From: Tom & Jo Heindel
Date: 2/24/99
Time: 2:43:54 PM
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Colleen's post on the Yellow-billed Cuckoo raises an excellent question and we would like to take this opportunity to explain what everybody can do to help make the death of a bird not in vain. We have a permit that allows us to be in possession of dead birds as it is illegal otherwise. Many of the birds found here in Inyo County are of races that are limited in their distribution and they are highly valued as scientific specimens. All of the birds we find or are given are taken to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History where they are prepared and are available to any qualified researcher with an appointment. Some of the birds we have handled at the museum are over 100 years old. The collection is impeccably maintained and is like a library filled with answers...we just have to ask the right questions. If you or someone you know has dead birds and they want to make a substantial contribution to ornithology tell them of our offer. The date and location of death is of paramount importance. If you find a dead bird put it in a zip-lock bag (to seal out moisture) along with a piece of paper stating the location and date you found it. Call or post us and we will figure out a way to get it. Thank you. Tom & Jo