Forster's Terns @ Nik& Nik 5/12

From: Chris Howard
Date: 5/13/99
Time: 9:01:01 AM
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At noon today, I watched 10 Terns in full adult plumage flying, foraging, and landing on the largest Nik&Nik gravel quarry pond. They all had black caps, red/orange feet, orange at the base of the bills, black at the tip, and deeply forked tails. The wing color was very light, except a bit of gray in the leading and trailing edges of the wing toward the tip. After reading the field guides, I'm pretty sure they were Forster's based on the noted marks. I suppose we should keep our eyes out for terns with all of the above characteristics except dark wing tips (Artic Tern or Common Tern).

There were also, Bonaparte's gulls, CA geese, snowy and great egrets, and an American bittern.