Death Valley birds

From: Tom and Jo Heindel
Date: 5/25/99
Time: 4:01:20 PM
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Today we had 6 Indigo Buntings (tying a county record), 4 Lazuli Buntings, 8 Blue Grosbeaks, 1 adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak and 1 Dickcissel in the palmery next to the maintenance buildings at Furnace Creek Ranch. But better than all those birds was the Western Scrub-Jay that flew over our heads adding to all the blues in the palmery! Sometimes a local bird found away from its normal habitat is the most unusual sighting of all. A White-winged Dove was at Stovepipe Wells. Remember the next 3 weeks are arguably the most exciting of the year so don't miss out! The housework and yardwork will still need doing in 3 weeks...when the migrants and vagrants are gone! Cheers.