Re: Birds in the mountains

From: Tom & Jo Heindel
Date: 6/10/99
Time: 2:08:51 PM
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There are only a couple of CDs and most are audio tapes. Some are snippets of all birds (A Field Guide to Western [or Eastern] Bird Songs by Houghton Mifflin Company) or longer renditions of less than all birds (Guide to Bird Sounds by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology). Others are of regional birds (Bird Songs of California by T. G. Sander) or a family of birds (Songs of the Warblers of North America by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Borror and Gunn). An excellent how-to-learn set of tapes are those by Walton and Lawson called "Birding by Ear" that group similar bird songs together and show you how to separate them. This list is NOT exhaustive (believe it or not) but should offer some pointers to you. If you want any of these and can't find them post us and we'll see what we can do to help. Anybody who is serious about learning about the birds of Inyo County is invited to get in touch with us regarding a class that we teach. It is designed to be of help from the beginner to the advanced birder. The only requirement is the desire to learn. Call us at 938-2764. There is no "official" checklist but we will make a copy of our rough draft graphs for our book for your use. The information may not quoted without special permission until after we've published because we are constantly tweeking them. Keep birding!