Migration at Bishop Sewer Ponds

From: Tom & Jo Heindel
Date: 6/10/99
Time: 2:23:38 PM
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A number of surprising sightings occurred this morning at Bishop's Superb Sewer Ponds. 13 Snowy Egrets, 7 Cattle Egrets and 1 female Common Goldeneye are unprecedented in June. 1 White-faced Ibis for which there are only a few records this late. An immaculate alternate plumaged male Blue-winged Teal, 6 Ring-necked Ducks, and 1 female Lesser Scaup are all late and considered casual in June. The Pine Siskins and a pair of Cassin's Finches remain in our yard when they should be breeding up in the mountains with the rest of their kind. And just to remind all how wonderful nature is...4 female Wilson's Phalaropes, after dumping their eggs for the male to care for, are the first fall migrants! Yesterday we had a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Wildrose Ranger Station in Death Valley. Good birds are still out there!