Blue-gray gnatcatcher feeding cowbird young in woodlands west of Brockman (Finkbeiner Forest).

From: Debby Parker
Date: 7/28/99
Time: 2:39:13 PM
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The cowbird young was vocalizing loudly.I watched as the adult blue-gray gnatcatcher scurried around, being kept very busy (using lots of energy), to feed this fledgling that was twice its size.I saw no other fledgling gnatcatchers , so the gross product for this year for the gnatcatcher's migration, breeding, nestbuilding , nest sitting and feeding young, is possible one single brown-headed cowbird young. I visit this woodlands area at least 3 times per week and believe only a few nests for the gnatcatcher existed this season. If cowbird paratisism continues near, it's very possible that there will be a deficit of gnatcatchers and a surplus of cowbirds . This translates to no gnatcatchers nesting in the future in this beautiful riparian area in the Owens Valley.Any ideas what to do nextabout this possible problem?