Re: Vaux's swift - 4/21/99

From: Glen Haddock - 9-8-99 -
Date: 9/8/99
Time: 9:11:27 AM
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A pair of Vaux's swift's have nested in our chimney for 8-9 summers at least. In mid-August swifts begin gathering in large flocks scattering to all corners during the daylight hours, but gathering at dusk to roost in our chimney. We have had up to 250 at one time in our chimney in past years. Last night I counted at least 80 appearing in 1's, 2's, 3's 4's, or 5's just before dusk. For birds they are rather late roosters. A couple of weeks ago the flock was about 150. As they gather together before going in the chimney they are silently swirling rooftop high and then flock drops into the chimney like so much dirt being sucked into some large vacuum.