Haiwee Highlights

From: Jim & Debby Parker
Date: 9/12/99
Time: 6:16:47 PM
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Couple of highlights from a visit to the North Haiwee "fishing access" today (9/12). First off, we saw no Mountion Lions. Then we did proced to the birds. Hot items were lotsa yellow warblers, a black-throated gray, a male Wilson's, a couple of orange-crowneds, a common yellowthroat and a yellow-breasted chat. Also thrilled by three common terns and a rather late Bullock's oriole. Over on the north side of the dam, Debby found eight cactus wrens (two families of 4) in the Joshua trees. The last hilite of the day was the 30 greater white-fronted geese at Tinemaha Res. Now, is this the most exciting time of the year, or what?