Magnolia Warbler in Bishop

From: Chris Howard
Date: 10/9/99
Time: 3:22:02 PM
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This morning (Sat., 10/9) around 10AM I saw a Magnolia Warbler with a flock of Orange-crowneds in the Green Gate Cottonwoods of Dixon Lane. I first recognized the bird about 20 ft. above me by it's tail: the distal half was jet-black while the upper half was white. Upon closer inspection, the bird had 2 white wing-bars on gray/dark gray wings, a yellow breast and belly with gray flank streaks that seemed to get darker toward the belly. The bird also had a yellow-rump (not unlike a yellow-rumped warbler). Best views were obtained with Rosie Beach and Jim and Debby Parker between 10:30 and 11:00. According to the Heindel's graphs of Inyo, Magnolia Warbler is casual (many years with no records; always seen in small numbers) through 9 November. Thanks Maggie!