Red-Necked Phalaropes (4) at Mono Lake

From: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Date: 10/23/99
Time: 5:18:48 PM
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The Audubon Field trip to Mono Lake was treated to loads of Eared Grebes (hundreds of thousands, at least), but not the concentrations we remember in recent years. The Red-Necked Phalaropes were swimming with Eared Grebes at the County Park boardwalk. David Gaines' book shows the late date for Red-Necked Phalarope at 21 October in 1982. I suppose this date can get pushed back to 23 October now. Incidentally, the Heindel graphs for Inyo show the late date at 8 November, so I suppose an extension in Mono was due. So long, Phalaropes...see you in 2000!

Also, everyone got great looks at 1 Greater Yellowlegs at De Chambeau Ponds, and a couple Ruddy Ducks were all that could be found for ducks.