Bishop Sewer Ponds

From: Tom & Jo Heindel
Date: 10/25/99
Time: 2:38:07 PM
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This morning there were hundreds of ducks and 7 species of shorebirds including 2 late Pectoral Sandpipers and 1 late Spotted Sandpiper. For those who have not heard, all birders are being asked to call 873-5863 and leave a message for Andy Boyd or Bob Dews giving your name and the day and approximate time you want to bird the sewer ponds. This is NOT to ask permission as they have said that they want birders out there but to allow them to know who is in the ponds as they have had some problems. If you see any hunters you are asked to call 873-5866 as they are not allowed in the sewer ponds. Signs are being posted to that effect. The staff is VERY positive about keeping the ponds open to birders (and the water level good for shorebirds!) so it is in all our best interests to work with them on this.