Northern Rough-legged Hawk in Bishop

From: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Date: 11/28/99
Time: 4:53:24 PM
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We were glad to see this first of fall Inyo bird in the large pasture west of Meadowcreek. It was seen hovering and diving for prey between the casino and the Green Gate/Dixon cottonwoods. Two Red-tailed hawks fervently defended their territories and forced the bird back north over the Green Gate/Dixon Cottonwoods and out of sight. Right now, and for the next few months, is a good time to check every power pole and Cottonwood sang to make sure every Red-tailed is a Red-tailed. The features that stood out for us on this bird was the white rump (base of the upper-tail), white patagials (leading edge of the under-wing), black belly, and black patches toward the end of the under-wing. When in field of view with the Red-tailed, it seemed a little smaller. Anyway, what a neat bird from the far north!