Interesting Death Valley Addendum: Emu

From: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Date: 2/22/00
Time: 8:54:39 AM
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DVNP Ranger Charlie Callagan told us that park officials had captured an Emu roaming around Badwater. Who knows where it came from? Of course we questioned the origin of this bird - natural occurance vs. escapee.

Trying to solve the has been adopted by Marta Beckett, the Death Valley Juntion Ballerina. We saw the bird in a pen behind her house. It's huge! And although the bird was too large to fly by the power of it's own wings, we imagine, with it's large feet, it ran accross the ocean from's going on our Inyo lists! Is this a CBRC bird?

The woman at the hotel actually offered it to us, but the van wasn't big enough. They'd like to find it a home with others of it's kind.