Lawrence's Goldfinch at Bishop thistle feeder this morning

From: Debby  Parker
Date: 3/13/00
Time: 9:28:21 AM
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Great way to start off the week with a visit to James Wilson's (off of south Barlow, west Bishop) backyard to see a gorgeous male Lawrence's Goldfinch this morning. This male, in bright plumage, had the gray and black head of a breeding bird (using National Geographic Field Guide to North American Birds), with gray back and bright yellow breast meeting the black chin in front. Because the wing looked more like the winter male, one could speculate that this bird is midway between the winter and breeding plumages.Yellow rump and pinkish bill. The bird was on a bright yellow thistle sock feeder with pine siskins, American and lesser goldfinches. P.S.James sells these thistle feeders at his store in town!