Franklin's Gull, Vaux's Swift, Bullock's Oriole, Bank Swallow

From: Noah Hamm
Date: 4/16/00
Time: 8:19:57 AM
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The Franklin's Gull was seen 4/15 at the north shore of Tinemaha, it was working the shoreline with wings outstretched in the strong wind and afforded an excellent view. The Swift was seen 4/15 pm, and on 4/16 am two were seen at the Bishop Creek canal just north of where it crosses Line Street. after 20 min. of dizzying flight I saw clearly the light buffy breast and rump of at least one of the swifts. The Bullock's Oriole was first heard then seen in the cottonwoods by the BCC 4/16 am. The Bank Swallow was seen sitting on the phone wire at the canal among many Northern Rough-wing Swallows 4/16 am.