Masked Lovebird in backyard - Responds to "Polly"

From: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Date: 6/5/00
Time: 2:49:33 PM
Remote Name:


Last evening Rosie was wondering why our cat was hitting it's head against the window trying to get outside. Simple reason - a gorgeous parrot with green wings, back and tail, yellow collar, black head, thick red beak and white eye-ring was perched on the lawn furniture. It was pretty tame when approached.

A native of Tanzania's brushwood and arid savannas it's probably probably pretty comfortable here. I don't know about winter though.

She was still present this morning. It's certainly neat to see this bird flying around the wild roses with Starlings, Spotted Towhees, and Song Sparrows!

For "Polly's" photo, see