Barrow's Goldeneye @ Pleasant Valley Res.

From: Jerry Zatorski
Date: 1/6/01
Time: 5:49:05 PM
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This afternoon after catching my limit, I spotted a female Barrow's Goldeneye anong other Common Golden eye and Ring-necked Ducks. The BGE had a chocolate brown head, and the bill was all orange. The back was gray going to dark gray toward the rump. It had a white neck patch just under the bill which faded into the medium gray of the sides. There were three wide stripes begining at mid-body toward the tail, and these slanted foward going down. The stripes were about twice as long as wide. Unfortunately I neglected to note the slope of the forehead which texts state is very steep with the apex of the head being just above or even a little in front of the eyes.