Furnace Creek Summary

From: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach, et al.
Date: 2/19/01
Time: 8:33:30 PM
Remote Name:


Warm, beautiful weather on Saturday gave the Eastern Sierra Audubon field trip:

1 male Vermillion Flycatcher on the west side of the driving range adjacent the date palm grove (possibly the same individual seen on the CBC)

20+ Lewis's Woodpeckers in the date palm groves

3 Inca Dove in the horse corral south of the 700 building

1 immature Red-shouldered Hawk in the main date palm grove near the equipment yard

1 female Common Merganser in the sewer pond NW of the airport

1 Myrtle Warbler near the golf course clubhouse

1 Long-billed Dowitcher (seen and heard) on the largest water hazard

1 female Wood Duck on the largest water hazard

1 Ross's Goose on the largest water hazard

At least 5 Tree and 5 V.G. Swallows

At least 10 White-throated Swifts