Update on Crowley Lake Sage Grouse Lek

From: Bill and Kathleen Principe
Date: 3/26/01
Time: 4:42:30 PM
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Since Joe Morlan reported Sage Grouse at Honey Lake last weekend, Kathleen and I decided to check Crowley Lake this weekend, and indeed Sage Grouse are on the lek. We saw about 95 males, and perhaps an equal number of females coming and going. BTW, the weather was BEAUTIFUL--75, calm and clear, and virtually no snow on the ground. However, all the interesting finch-types that had been reported are apparently gone. At Laws the creek where the White-winged Junco was found is totally dry, and the spring up the hill has been taken over by target shooters. We left after the bullets began whizzing over our heads We also drove up to Montgomery Creek Ranch, and the area was dry and devoid of birds. Not a Horned Lark to be seen. And of course, no rosy-finches, Snow Buntings or longspurs either. There was one Tundra Swan on Crowley Lake, and a Slate-colored Junco at Crowley Lake Drive and 395 in a heavily watered yard on the corner, about a mile south of the church at Benton Crossing Rd.

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