Spotted Owl???

From: Marge Evans
Date: 6/9/01
Time: 4:33:46 PM
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Friday morning,June 8th,2 AM,Iwas awakened from a barking sound behind our bedroom window, coming from the rear of the City Park. It sounded like a small dog with middle to upper high sounds of barking. I felt someone had possibly lost a small dog until I again heard the "barking" from 50 feet or so to the right and then 50 feet or so from the left and gradually the sound moved higher and over to the far side of the park. At this point I decided it was not a dog because I did not feel the dog could move that fast or high,but possibly a bird. My neighbor, adjacent to the park, heard cooing noises about 4 AM and discovered 3 owlets in the Locust tree adjoining our property. He does not know what kind they were. Possibly they were not the same as the original sounds. In any event, after looking in the Peterson guide and others, the one bird who seems to give off barking sounds like a dog is the spotted owl. What does anyone know about this owl in this vicinity? Think I heard it some evening several days before that as well. OPinions?