Wilson's Phalaropes at Bishop Sewer Ponds

From: Chris Howard
Date: 6/12/01
Time: 2:18:22 PM
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12 May at 1PM there were at least 16 Wilson's Phalaropes at the Bishop Sewer Ponds, including 5 or more males. The Heindels say right about now females seen in Inyo are possibly on their fall migration, after laying their eggs north of here and leaving the males to incubate and raise the kids. So my question is...what are the males doing here now? Are they heading north or south or not breeding this year? Other birds of note were 3 male Lesser Scaup, 4 Northern Pintail, and a female Wood Duck with 8 fledglings. I looked for but couldn't find the Moorhen that has been seen since late April.