Painted bunting behind Meadowcreek yesterday

From: Debby Parker
Date: 8/23/01
Time: 5:52:47 PM
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This probable first fall male was seen along a ditch between Barlow and Brockman at a metal bridge we call wishing well bridge (west of the pipe).Staying low in the roses, next to the ditch, and swishing its tail back & forth on a horizontal plane, this plain colored bird had a deep emerald head, nape and back and was dark buffy below. The tips of the flight feathers were a dark gray to black and the scapulars over the wing were green. The green tail was slightly notched and the tip was broadly bluish. Got good looks and decided it was a first fall male because of the richness of the emerald green as opposed to the duller female pictured in the book. At first I thought it was an orange-crowned warbler but saw the thicker gray non-warbler type bill and the dark eye was set in a plain green face. Tried to get others on it, no luck. A shy bird.