Melanerpes at Seven Pines

From: Andrew and Leah Kirk
Date: 9/9/01
Time: 1:44:49 PM
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Working up at Seven Pines this past week I saw either a Lewis' or an Acorn Woodpecker every day, but one. So, on Saturday, Sept. 8, Leah and I birded there briefly and quickly found a Lewis' Woodpecker. It flew to a perch directly above us, took deliberate aim, and pooped on Leah's hat. I swear I heard it chuckling as it flew off (with rowing, crow-like flight). Today, with a bit more time available, I located at least two Lewis' and at least five Acorn Woodpeckers. I chanced to observe a Lewis' eating an acorn. There are lots of acorns falling from the Quercus kelloggii, so it's a fine place for Acorn Woodpeckers. One wonders where they came from and what happened to the acorn crops there.