Vermilion Flycatchers @ BSP.

From: R. Beach, C. Howard & J. Zatorski
Date: 10/11/01
Time: 1:06:21 PM
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After hearing the Heindel's and Parker's spotted a Vermilion Flycatcher at the Bishop Sewer Ponds, I went this morning to follow up the sighting. This morning I saw 1 Vermilion along w/ Orange-crowned & Audubon's Warblers. 

Then at noon Rosie & Chris met me there and we saw 2 Vermilions, both immature males. One bird was completely vermilion in the belly and flanks with no visible red in the crown.  The other was not as red in the belly, had some white patches in the flanks, and a scattering of red feathers on its crown.

The birds were located on the south side of the south-east pond within the fenced enclosure.  The birds were flycatching from perches in the large cottonwood trees and smaller willow trees on the south side of the fence (former kingbird nest tree).

We were glad to see both birds at the same time and thought we were seeing double when we did!  Pretty neat to have not one, but two Vermilions here in the Owens Valley!