Bishop CBC Highlights

From: Bishop CBC participants (posted by Chris Howard)
Date: 12/17/01
Time: 8:55:49 AM
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This was easily the best Bishop CBC ever. Twenty-nine highly qualified participants in eleven parties tallied 102 species, plus 10 additional subspecies, and another 5 during count week. Many thanks to each and every participant for making this count a success...and a special thanks to Kathy Duvall for gratiously hosting the Tally Party.

Highlights on the Bishop 2001 CBC on Saturday, December 15th were a COMMON GRACKLE in a mixed flock of blackbirds near Millpond, a continuing SANDHILL CRANE in the Sunland Rd alfalfa fields, a "WESTERN" PALM WARBLER on Indian Creek Drive, a continuing AMERICAN REDSTART in Birchim Canyon, a female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT below the Pleasant Valley/Gorge Powerplant, a VARIED THRUSH at the horse stables on hwy 168 opposite the plant 5 turnoff, and a continuing male VERMILION FLYCATCHER at the Bishop Sewer Ponds. Amazing count week birds include a NORTHERN PARULA and WINTER WREN in Birchim Canyon.