Death Valley Birds include Lewis' Woodpecker and Wilson's Warbler

Observers: Aja Woodrow, Miko Ruhlen, Sondra Grimm, Tracey Johnson
Email: mruhlen@prbo.org
Remote Name:
Date: 03/15/03
Time: 07:25:19 PM


We went on a field trip to Death Valley looking for Roadrunners and other lifers for our new PRBO Owens Lake field crew members. Somehow missed out on Roadrunner.... Does anyone know where we can find one around Lone Pine? At Furnace creek, just across the highway from the visitor center near some snags and a creeek we found an adult Lewis' Woodpecker. Then in the scrub (mesquite) near the parking lot of the visitor center we saw two adult male Wilson's Warblers and many Verdin. We also saw an Orange-crowned Warbler. In the Palms we saw a Red-naped Sapsucker eating dates off the tree. White-crowned Sparrows and one Song Sparrow were also seen near there. We also saw White-throated Swifts at Mosaic Canyon and an American Pipit at Salt Creek.