Owl Prowl near Big Pine

Observers: Heindels + a dozen others
Email: tjheindel@aol.com
Remote Name:
Date: 03/17/03
Time: 08:56:30 AM


On 15 March, Saturday night, a group went to the Owens River east of Big Pine around 930PM and found 10 owls. The sky was clear with an almost full moon and the lack of any wind allowed sounds to travel well. We found two pair of Western Screech-Owls, two pair Great Horned Owls, one Barn Owl and one Long-eared Owl each identified by vocalizations. While the screech-owls were tantalizingly close they stayed on the far side of the willows on the other side of the river, serenading us but didn't allow any looks. To be surrounded by ten owls in a relatively small area was an impressive experience although the rodents probably would rather they weren't there!