Pacific Golden Plovers at Owens Lake

Observers: Miko Ruhlen and Sondra Grimm
Email: mruhlen@prbo.org
Remote Name:
Date: 03/26/03
Time: 01:15:47 PM

We saw two Pacific Golden Plovers at Owens Lake today. They were foraging together at Sulfate Well, the Eastern outflow next to "Sandpiper Road" where we observed them from the spot where there is a metal gate and plover speed limit sign. We identified them by golden/buffy color and stripes on tail. Wing projected slightly beyond the tail. One was molting heavily into breeding plumage and one was just starting to molt. The only other birds around at this seep were some Amereican Avocets. They were pretty calm and seemed like maybe they may hang around for a while -long enough for our other crew members to come over and verify our sighting at least!