Green Heron and Plumbeous Vireo

Observers: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Email: rosiebeach@yahoo,com
Remote Name:
Date: 04/25/03
Time: 12:16:42 PM


On Thursday 4/24 early am Chris had a Green Heron in the field behind our house. It flew to the loan willow tree right on the ditch just northwest of the Parker's house. A little later about 8 am Rosie had a Plumbeous Vireo at Green Gate Cottonwoods. Thin spectacles, gray above, white to smudgy white below with no hint of yellow at all. Two white wing bars. Other good birds that morning at GGC were house wren, gray flycatcher, 2 myrtle warblers, Bullocks Oriole, a pair of downy woodpeckers excavating a cavity, and many audubons.