Knots and much more

Observers: Kristie Nelson
Email: storm_petrel@hotmail.com
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Date: 04/25/03
Time: 04:12:46 PM


Hi all, Have not given a Mono update in a while. I've been working in long valley, and spring shorebird migration is fully hopping. Most exciting were 2 RED KNOTS (mostly in alternate plumage) with a large group of (mostly) SB dowithchers in the alkali pond behind the Benton Crossing dump. The road for access comes off (westish) from Owen's Riv. Rd just past the dump, and winds back to Benton xing road by the upper (less birdy) alkali pond before the dump. Also on the pond: Good numbers of peeps, mostly Least, some western. 1 Dunlin. About 15 redhead, and wigeon and lesser scaup numbers have been good of late (not to mention Gadwalls...). Several Willets, one stilt. 7 wilsons phalarope (4 female, 3 male) 2 red-necked Phal's nice assortment of ducks. 30 Bonaparte's gulls 2 WF Ibis on owen's river. good numbers of both egrets latley Crowley Lake was hopping also (with eager fishermen as well as birds. What a circus). 15 Marbled Godwits (high count for spring) few dowitchers more groups of peeps, and 4 more Dunlin (good to see them around. David Gaines book called them common spring migrants, but I have never seen very many on the eastside.) Thousands of Callie gulls, mostly at the dump and alkali pond (not much food on Mono lake, they must be eagerly awaiting opening day of fishing season as well) another stilt. There were 2 sanderlings at Crowley back on April 14 (in basic plum with alt. plumaged westerns), also the first day of early Gray flycatchers arriving! A couple green herons have been seen in the Mono basin last couple weeks or so. Vesper sparrows, sage thrashers are in full swing in Long Valley, and there was a beautiful singing Lark Sparrow there on the 17th (or maybe 20th, I don't have my notes with me) Enjoying spring! Kristie