Olive-sided Flycatchers & White-throated Sparrow

Observers: D.Parker
Email: jimndebbyatqnet.com
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Date: 05/02/03
Time: 01:11:01 PM


The sparrow popped up for me too this morning at "By-Pass Ditch", between Brockman & "the pipe",closer to Brockman. A first spring bird maybe, somewhat dull, but a rich white chin which contrasted with the rest of the darker face. Greengate Cots (off of Dixon) was full of Cassin's Vireo, and a FOS Olive-sided Fly. There was also one just n. of Riverside near the corral. "Lookout Hill" is covered with wildflowers & the Indigo Bush is starting to bloom, hummers up there. In my limited experience, if it rains a bit here today/tonight, could bring the migrants down for a "fall out",(warblers dripping from the trees) which would mean lots of birds tomorrow.