Furnace Creek Ranch Highlights: Mississippi Kite, Bobolink, and more

Observers: Chris Howard, Rosie Beach, and Jon Dunn
Email: choward@telis.org
Remote Name:
Date: 05/23/03
Time: 09:44:25 PM

This morning (23 May) an immature Mississippi Kite performed an aerobatics demonstration over the Furnace Creek Golf course, perching briefly to have its picture taken (right). The other exciting birds were a White-winged Dove, a male Bobolink near the driving range, 2 Ruddy-ground Doves near the fire station, a female Phainopepla, an Osprey diving for fish in the long water hazard, and an immature male American Redstart. A high overcast kept temperatures down to a balmy 110 or so. 

A second-year male Summer Tanager (splotchy red/yellow) was at Scotties Castle.