Winter Wren heard and seen at Pine Creek today

Observers: Parkers
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
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Date: 07/06/03
Time: 06:43:30 PM


Not known to nest in the Eastern Sierra and thought to be only a winter resident, this bird was singing its long liquidy song along the trail a fairly short way into the forest of White Fir trees. The Fir forest is very much like an old growth forest with lots of good-sized rotting logs lying on the forest floor, thick understory and a creek. Pine Creek was tumbling through too. It was awhile before we actually got to see this petite and short-tailed wren, we sat and waited before it came near for good views. Yellow around & in the bill (the gape) might have indicated a juvenile. We have found this bird for a few summers now along the Pine Creek trail.