Puzzling hummingbird in Bishop

Observers: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Email: chowardattelisdotorg and rosiebeachatyahoodotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 07/19/03
Time: 11:08:02 AM

This morning there was an interesting hummingbird in our backyard. The first thing we noticed was it was larger than nearby Rufous and Black-chinned, had a fully developed red-orange (coppery) gorget, some rufous in the tail, and gray-green flanks. Our first impression was adult male Broad-tailed.  It turned into the sun and flashed its bright coppery gorget at us, which was ok for male Broad-tailed.  But then we noticed its forecrown was bright and showy just like its throat gorget.  On a typical Broad-tailed the entire crown should be green. So then we were thinking the head-gorget pattern was more like Anna's, but then it shouldn't have rufous in the tail.  The throat gorget corners were slightly pointed, more like Anna's, less like Broad-tailed.  So we contemplated hybrids, like maybe a Broad-tailed X Anna's hybrid, but the Hummingbird books (Howell and Williamson) say claims of these hybrids are unsubstantiated.  Two other clincher marks for Broad-tailed that were missing on this bird were the buzzy wing trill in flight and the white line between the chin and eye.  Does anyone have any ideas?