Semipalmated Sandpiper at Bishop Sewer Ponds

Observers: Parkers
Email: jimndebbeatquenetdotcom
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Date: 08/16/03
Time: 01:27:45 PM


Today with our scope we spent time studying the 3 Calidris "look-alike" sandpipers and besides Least and Western, we think we found 1 or 2 Semipalmated Sandpipers. One had the scalloped look to the back (like Baird's SP) and the other more dull (non-scalloped to the back.)We think both were in juvenal plumages. Studying them side by side with Westerns, their bills were short,thick and blunt tipped unlike the drooping and longer Western SP. The Semipals also lacked rufous in the scaps of the Western SP and the Hooded look of the Least SP. Their legs were black.