Chimney Swift(?) - Round Valley, 9/15/03

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Date: 09/15/03
Time: 08:04:39 PM


If anyone finds themselves in Round Valley tomorrow, check out the swallow flock just north of the turnoff to Paradise (Gorge road). In with the flock was a swift that initially caught my attention because it looked larger than your standard Vaux's. It was larger than the Cliff Swallows and close to Barn Swallow size. I immediatley ruled out Black Swift since it had a pale throat. It looked good for a Chimney based on 1) size 2) it had a dark rump 3) it had a tail of respectable length 4) just the throat was pale, the belly and undertail coverts were dark brown. I was able to watch this beast for about 15 minutes and as it flew overhead several times. I would be interested in what others have to say about it if they see it! I think that it was the only swift in the flock at the time.