Probable Lark Bunting east of Dixon on Look Out Hill & other sparrows

Observers: D. Parker
Email: jimndebbyatqnetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 09/15/03
Time: 05:47:31 PM

Look-Out Hill is north down from Greengate Cots and has been good for sparrows this late summer & fall. Replacing the flocks of Brewer's Sparrows (a few Lark Sparrows too) are now Vesper Sparrows and newly arrived Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows. One singing w. of Meadowcreek this early AM. The Lark Bunting was on top of hill, in pale winter plumage with linear patches of white in the leading edge of wing and had a distinctive thick white malar stripe going from the base of bill back along the side of the chin. Hope to see more of these before I can be 100% sure they are Lark Buntings. Lincoln Sparrows are back too.