Amusing Flicker behavior in Chalfant

Observers: Troy Kelly
Remote Name:
Date: 10/06/2003
Time: 10:47:11 AM


I often see flickers foraging on the ground, but a male Northern Flicker was practically behaving like my rat terrier in my backyard this morning. The flicker was foraging for some type of grubs (not sure exactly what) with a vengence. This guy was probing the soft soil like some kind of shorebird! In addition, this bird had a slight red "U" or "V" shaped marking on the nape. Not the full red crescent of a Yellow-shafted, but definitely discernable. I wonder if it is some type of intergrade? I'm currently watching him probe right where my hose is splashing against the base of an apple tree. It appears he knows where to go to find the soft soil for probing!