One Lesser Yellowlegs, 66 Long-billed Curlew & oneCommon Gallinule at Owens Lake

Observers: Mike Prather & Bob Hudson
Remote Name:
Date: 10/08/2003
Time: 01:19:09 PM


One Lesser Yellowlegs: Shallow flood Zone 2, Area 2, east of Mainline Rd. at edge of large ponded water with many ducks, AMAV et al. Feeding near, but separate from several GRYE and AMAV. Straight bill , about the length of the head, no upcurve suggestion as w/ GRYE. Definitely smaller than GRYE. Strong white lore and partial supercilliary. Faint eye ring, yellow legs. No vocalizing. Finely streaked dark crown. Viewed for 20 minutes, 200 feet, w/ Leica scope. 66 LBCU- same location One Common Moorhen: Owens River crossing on Mainline Rd. east of Boulder Ck. RV Park. South side of road walking on steel I-beam running through tules. Poor visibility due to vegetation, 100 feet, 5 minutes. Longer legs than AMCO, short bill w/ forehead shield(no color seen due to light). Rich brown on sides w/ clear white line along folded wing. Standing next to Virginia Rail.