Re: Grasshopper Sparrow near Mono Lake

Observers: Susan Steele
Email: steeleatridgenetdotnet
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Date: 10/13/2003
Time: 05:49:30 PM


I had a few other interesting birds including a Sabine's Gull at the outlet of Rush Creek. Lewis' woodpecker and Sage Thrasher at South Tufa. Hundreds of Pinyon Jays at the S end of Mono Lake, but none at the N end. A Burrowing Owl and 2 Plain Titmice (they didn't sound like the Oaks I'm used to) on top of Black's Pt. A quick stop by Crowley Lake turned up 4 Snowy Plovers and 7 Marbled Godwits. Thanks Tom and Jo for the original post. Susan