Nashville Warbler at Fish Slough today, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets

Observers: D.Parker
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 10/17/2003
Time: 03:17:26 PM


The spring called NE Spring,in Fish slough, had some nice warbler comparisons today. A few female Common Yellowthroats were pretty high up in a cottonwood eating ants off of the trunk (15 FT.up) along with an Orange-crowned warbler and the Nashville Warbler. They were similar looking in many ways, but different in key markings. For example the OCWA had subtle drker olive streaks on its breast whereas the NAWA had a rich mustard yellow underside except for a patch of white in the vent area. The COYEs were yellow in the chin and undertail but grayish through the rest of the belly. All three had different bill shapes too and tails were dif lengths and overall size different. Also present were Marsh wrens, Virginia Rail and Sage Sparrow. Ruby-crowned Kinglets have been numerous this week beginning on the 14th in Greengate Cots (Dixon Ln),our yard and Birchim Canyon.