Marbled Godwit at Owens Lake (MANY birds!)

Observers: Mike Prather & Bob Hudson
Remote Name:
Date: 10/31/2003
Time: 05:09:39 PM


One Marbled Godwit feeding w/ 38 LBCU, 40+ GRYE, peeps, 1 Ross Goose, 13 Snow Geese and 23 XXDO. Shallow Flood Zone 2 south of Road 6 in flooded salt grass area. At the north end of Zone 2, east of Mainline Rd. in pooled water there are 1000+ ducks-800 AGWT, 200 NOSH, 50 GADW, AMWI, EAGR. Huge numbers of birds!! Big trucks working in Zone 2 hauling fill material. Stay out of the way. Park out of traffic. Birds are not where the trucks pass, but you need to drive through the truck area some. Call 876-6090 [LADWP & CH2MHILL] for road conditions. Tell people that you are birders and you can go past the "No Admittance" signs on the roads.