Death Valley-Harris' Sparrow & others

Observers: Sandy Koonce, Vernon and Andrew Howe
Remote Name:
Date: 11/02/2003
Time: 01:42:39 PM


Yesterday (11/01), Sandy Koonce, my father (Vernon Howe) and I spent the day birding locations around Death Valley. The highlight of the day was two Harris' Sparrows, a bright winter adult found by Sandy in the large date orchard at Furnace Creek and a much duller winter adult found by my father under the tamarisk trees across from the pool at Stovepipe Wells. Other noteworthy birds at Furnace Creek included a pair of Wood Ducks, a Merlin, 7+ Inca Doves, a Ruddy-ground Dove, 5+ Lewis' Woods, 2 Vermillion Flys, a Brown Creeper, an American Tree Sparrow, 2 Swamp Sparrows, and 2 White-throated Sparrows. An American Crow at Stovepipe Wells was a definite surprise. So, a fantastic day with lots of good birds. Good luck and good birding! Andrew Howe Riverside, CA