American Tree Sparrow at Deep Springs

Observers: Tom & Jo Heindeol
Email: tjheindelataoldotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 11/03/2003
Time: 03:17:34 PM


On 3 Nov, in a small flurry of snow, we had an American Tree Sparrow at Deep Springs on the back side of the main campus foraging in Rabbitbrush with White-crowned Sparrows. Also seen were 1 Merlin (columbarius), 1 Steller's Jay (continuing), 3 American Crows (continuing), 3 Western Bluebirds (great year for them), 1 imm female Common Yellowthroat (very late migrant), and 1 Fox Sparrow (unalaschensis type). Best experience was watching a female Sharp-shinned Hawk harass an American Robin chasing it round and round inside an apple tree. After 5 minutes the robin just couldn't take any more and tried to fly to the next tree. It wasn't even half way when the Sharpy slammed it to the ground and executed the coup de grace.