Herring Gull at Tinemaha

Observers: Chris Howard
Email: choward@telis.org
Remote Name:
Date: 11/03/2003
Time: 08:20:03 PM


This morning, 3 Nov, at Tinemaha Reservoir there was a continuing (?) Pacific Loon, at least four Common Loons, a couple Barn Swallows, and a few non-Barn Swallows too far to id. Also, a super-aggresive columbarius Merlin male plucking a sparrow from the bushes. But the real good exercise was a first year Herring Gull chasing a (smaller) first year California Gull. The Herring's belly was uniformly brown as opposed to the mostly white of Cal. The rump and base of tail was brownish as opposed to white. And the solidly brown wings showed a pretty good 'window' in the inner primaries. Also, the Herring bill was nearly all black. Tinemaha is certainly worth checking these next couple months. Is it too early for a X-mas wish list? How about Black Scoter, Red-throated Loon, or Red-necked Grebe?