Hammil Valley to Crowley Reservoir

Observers: Debbie House, Chris Allen
Email: roadkill23@earthlink.net
Remote Name:
Date: 11/09/2003
Time: 06:42:46 AM


Hammil Valley - There were lots of horned larks and pipits to sort through, but no longspurs or red-throated pipits were found. Highlights were two Prairie Falcons and at least six WESTERN BLUEBIRDS mixed in with the Mountain Bluebirds. The North Landing area at Crowley had a good mix of shorebirds including 2 late SNOWY PLOVERS, a late RED-NECKED PHALAROPE, a SANDERLING, 6 DUNLIN, a few Western Sandpipers, and at least 40 Least Sandpipers. At the marina, we did not see the lesser black-backed gull, but had excellent views of a PACIFIC LOON and two HERRING GULLS. There were 20 - 25 Common Loons on the lake, and a first of season adult BALD EAGLE.