Sparrows and other Death Valley goodies

Observers: Chris Howard and Rosie Beach
Remote Name:
Date: 11/11/2003
Time: 07:47:04 PM

On 11 Nov we enjoyed a quadruple zonotrich day: besides numerous gambeli White-crowned Sparrows, there was 1 HARRIS' and 1 GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW at Furnace Creek Inn. Panamint Spring rounded out the foursome with a white-morph WHITE-THROATED SPARROW. At Furnace Creek Ranch, we got good practice with 2 SWAMP SPARROWS. Other highlights there were 1 male RUDDY GROUND-DOVE (digiscope below) with 7 INCA DOVES, 1 interior race WESTERN SCRUB JAY, 1 female VARIED THRUSH, 20+ LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS, and a flyby richardsoni MERLIN.  Nice birds, around 50 species, and nice day, highs around 80F.