Close encounter with Kestral!, Hooded Merganser

Observers: Andy Zdon
Remote Name:
Date: 11/12/2003
Time: 01:17:32 PM


Yesterday, I had left back door open for dogs to go in and out to yard. During the day an American Kestral flew into the house where it was when I got home during mid-afternoon (the dogs were hiding in one of the bedrooms!). Anyway, it flew into the living room, whereupon I moved the dogs to the backyard, and propped open the front door. It was trying to get out a bay window near the roof line so I managed to get the bristle end of a broom under its feet where after a few attempts it perched. Got it about 2 feet away from window whereupon it flew over to a bookshelf near the front door, then out the door - free at last! Just spent about 30 minutes over at Nik-n-Nik and spotted a Hooded Merganser in the mini-pond west of the plant and south of the road.