phalarope at Mill Pond today

Observers: D.Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 11/12/2003
Time: 05:10:20 PM


Before the rain and snow hit, good views of this bird through the scope were had at around 1 PM. As it floated on the east side of the pond with the coots, it showed an all white neck & breast, black crown, eyepatch which seemed to meet the crown and nape. The pale-edged black scaps & tertials had some gray feathers on the mantle. This pattern seems to match a moulting juvenile of either a Red or Red-necked Phalarope, both rare at this time. Bill size is important to tell these two species apart, this was a tough call. Its neck wasn't long and the bird seemed squat in shape. As it moved slowly, this way and that, it was plucking tidbits from the water surface.