Snow Goose at Mono Lake

Observers: River Gates
Remote Name:
Date: 11/20/2003
Time: 05:10:30 PM


The afternoon winds kicked up today and inspired me to get out of the ole office away from proofing point count data and into the field like a real biologist! I ran into a beautiful lone Snow Goose hanging out on the shore (my first one). It was pretty clunky, a little smaller than our Canada Geese, stark white with distinct black wing tips, thick orange legs and a chunky bill. Also, a flock of 4 Great Blue Herons came in barking as they landed on tufa. I saw a group of four last week at Lee Vining Creek, probably the same ones, cool. Otherwise, there were a few easily disturbed and grouchy Song Sparrows, a lone California Gull braving the winds and a hundred Green-winged Teals. Incredibly warm afternoon for late November.